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IBF*International Business Forum will announce the nominees of the 16th Annual Corporate Venturing & Innovation Partnering Special Achievement Awards.

Honors are extended by IBF to individuals who, during their lifetime and career, have made a significant, fundamental contribution to the growth and sustainability of corporate venturing and innovation partnerships through their vision, creativity, leadership, commitment and passion.

These individuals and their contributions have advanced or had a lasting impact on the industry, and a lifetime of achievement in intellectual and practical leadership supporting the sustainable growth of the corporate/start-up collaborative ecosystem.

Award Categories Include:

Exit Of The Year

Liquidity event (M&A, exit, IPO) fueled by corporate venture investment affording both strategic value and financial success to parent organization within the past 12-18 months.

Qualcomm Ventures: Waze sold for $1.1b to Google; Invensense, in which Qualcomm owned 7% at IPO in 2011, now reached $1.7b market cap.
Google Ventures: 75 new investments and achieved 10 exits during 2013 (Silver Spring Networks, RetailMeNot, and Foundation Medicine). Nest was most recently announced for 2014.
Novartis Ventures: Okairos sold for $325m to GSK.

Strategy/Value Creation Of The Year

The best corporate venture program to support product development, strategic investment and value creation in the past 12- 18 months.

SAP Ventures HANA Fund: more than doubled its size, with an initial target of 155m closing at 405m.
Qualcomm Ventures: Recognized based on the incubation of Vuforia (Qualcomm’s free computer vision software platform for developers).
Google Ventures: Honored based on the $200m investment into Uber.

Special Achievement Award

This honor will be extended to a corporate venture executive who has made notable contributions of outstanding significance to the CVC industry.

Arvind Sodhani, President – Intel Capital: Built and operates the largest CVC in the world.
Reinhard Ambros, Managing Director – Novartis Venture Fund: Drove the fund to be largest biotech CVC in the world.
Deborah C. Hopkins, Chief Innovation Officer – Citigroup: Based on her role as Chief Innovation Officer, directly engaged with Citi’s venturing efforts.