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Davorin Interview Cover Photo Interview

IBF grabbed the attention of Davorin Kuchan shortly after his participation at the Corporate Venturing & Innovation Partnering Conference that took place in Newport Beach, California this past February. Recently transitioning from his vital role in leading the Corporate Venturing & Innovation initiatives at Texas Instruments, Alexandra Scott, Founder of International Business Forum, found it […]

Lux Research Survey Post Post

Captivating the attention of every attendee at the Corporate Venturing and Innovation Partnering conference that recently took place in Newport Beach, Michael Holman PhD shares some profound insights collected through “The Future of Corporate Venturing Survey”. A collaborative effort between IBF* International Business Forum and Lux Research, this comprehensive survey provides a bigger picture for […]

Is Corporate Venture Capital a Sport Featured Post

The other day, I met with a colleague who manages Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) for another technology firm. We discussed best practices, deal flow and approval process and came to the topic of which entities approve his investments and how his company measures the success of his team. After going down the list of his […]

BBC Labs Image Cover Featured Post Interview

  Interview With: Jenny Fielding, Founder & Head BBC Worldwide Labs Conducted By: Alexandra Scott CEO – IBF*International Business Forum Founder, Corporate Venturing & Innovation Partnering Conference IBF had the opportunity to speak with Jenny Fielding, who helped establish Digital Ventures at BBC Worldwide, focusing on new digital growth opportunities across the organization including strategic […]

Corporate Venture Capital in Africa Featured Post

There is little to be said when it comes to corporate venture capital in Africa, it is usually confined to the ROW (Rest of the World) category, yet according to the World Bank Africa has 6 of the top 10 fastest growing economies. As far as I am aware, there were only 3 Corporate Venture […]

Allegis Capital Embracing the Modern Renaissance Interview

Robert Scoble, Co-Author alongside Shel Israel, of the groundbreaking book, Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy, sits down for an interview with Bob Ackerman, which turns into more of a discussion around present and future innovation. Igniting conversation around many of the key topics approached by the co-authors in their […]

Corporate Involvement in the Startup Ecosystem Post

I’ve been involved with Corporate Venture Capital since the first tech bubble, mainly as a CVC at Merrill Lynch and Mitsui. What’s been constant between then and now is corporate acknowledgment of the necessity of involvement in the startup ecosystem. The reasons for this are many, but I’ll try to narrow them down to the […]

Corporate Venturing 2.0 Post

The Beginning I’ve been in corporate venturing and its link to corporate innovation for 17 years now. The roots of my experience actually go back to the summer of 1986 when I evaluated the benefits and benchmarks of corporate venturing for GAF Corporation during my summer internship in business school. For the next 10 years, […]

A New Model for Corporate Venture Featured Post

I’ve had a chance to experience corporate venture from multiple perspectives over the past decade, first as an investor with NBC Universal’s Peacock Fund and now in a traditional venture fund at Lightbank. In that time, I’ve thought a lot about how corporate venture firms could be structured differently.

The Evolving Role of Corporates in Venture Capital Featured Post

By the summer of 2010 I had spent over seven years as a “traditional” (financial only) Venture Capitalist and had seen a few Venture cycles. As most are aware, after the 2008 financial crisis Venture Capital, fundraising for both entrepreneurs and VCs became severely challenged.

Sheeraz Haji Cover Post

As disruptive technologies and business models enter the market at a breathtaking clip, it’s increasingly apparent the staid approach of housing innovation within the walls of R&D departments isn’t going to cut it. But how can corporates avoid being the next Blockbuster on the eve of the launch of Netflix? Savvy corporates are getting more […]

CVIP Featured Post
Welcome to the CVIP Community by Christina Riboldi

IBF has developed a “Community” page as part of the CVIP website.  This site allows for all industry professionals to stay abreast on their peer base and learn about their activities.

Stay tuned for future industry posts from past speakers, teasers from this year's presenters and other industry news!!!

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